The journal provides an international forum for the interchange of information on all aspects of analysis, design and construction of space structures.

The scope of the journal encompasses structures such as single-, double- and multi-layer grids, barrel vaults, domes, towers, folded plates, radar dishes, tensegrity structures, stressed skin assemblies, foldable structures, pneumatic systems and cable arrangements. No limitation on the type of material is imposed and the scope includes structures constructed in steel, aluminium, timber, concrete, plastics, paperboard and fabric.

The journal aims at striking a balance between theory and practice and creating a platform for exchange of information between structural engineers, architects, civil engineering contractors, system manufacturers and research workers in academic and non-academic establishments.

The journal includes regular reviews of technical publications, books and trade literature. Also included is information on recently built important space structures, recently held conferences and forthcoming events of interest.


Editor: Professor H. Nooshin, Space Structures Research Centre, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Surrey


15 years of 'Space Structures' at an unbelievably affordable price - How did we do it?

We frequently get asked by new subscribers for the cost of a complete back run of the 'International Journal of Space Structures'. They know that space structures is the kind of topic where work done 15 or more years ago is not out of date or irrelevant, it is in fact the building blocks of today's work. Researchers, either in industry or in academia, need to be able to access it.

But interest wanes when the price of 15 times the annual subscription of 157 is quoted.

Knowing people wanted access to this great store of information, our challenge was to meet this demand, to offer a product at an affordable price.

If affordability is the criterion, then a print version is out of the question.

Which leaves the option of a digital solution - in either CD ROM or Internet form. Digital's great advantage is functionality - in particular, you can search a digital version far more effectively and efficiently than you could search a printed version (even assuming a journal's index was any good, and that all the copies were actually on the library's shelves!) And of course, once you have searched and found, you can very easily retrieve.

Digitised, you can have the International Journal of Space Structures in the format you prefer: either as a CD ROM or on the Internet.

A major bonus is that not only do you get access to the full text of several hundreds of rigorously peer-reviewed papers - representing the best of international work on space structures in the last 15 years - also, because each paper itself has on average, a dozen to 20 references, you're getting effectively a complete bibliography of virtually all published work, both books and journals, free. Its worth it for that alone!


'Space Structures' - CD ROM/On-line

This resource will be a major benefit to researchers in the areas of architecture, structural engineering and civil engineering in both academia and private practice. It offers a large body of very high quality work, fully referenced, fully searchable, at a keystroke. If required, 24 hour worldwide technical back up is available at no extra cost. Annual updates are available, to ensure that the complete corpus is always at your fingertips. There is no extra cost for networking/multi-usership within an institution/organisation.


1st edition - available March 2001

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