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welcome to Multi-Science Publishing Company's website

Multi-science prides itself on publishing journals that fill gaps in the scientific literature and are responses to technological developments that call new disciplines into existence. In that way, it achieves uniqueness for its journals, they are not ‘yet another’ journal on any given topic. Of course, all Multi-Sciences primary journals are fully refereed; the fact that distinguished editors and editorial boards lend their names and their time to the journal is one way of understanding the esteem in which they are held in certain quarters. As well as journals, Multi-Science publishes books in the same subject areas as its journals.

Multi-Science publishers mainly in the following areas: engineering, with an emphasis on acoustics and construction/built environment; energy and environmental studies, including renewable energy and energy policy; aerospace/aeronautics; and sports science. Further areas are medical engineering; fluid dynamics; theory of innovation.

Multi-Science believes in the easy and affordable flow of information among scholars, and that publishers are there to facilitate that process, rather than maximise profits. To that end, Multi-Science had always offered its printed journals to the academic community at a comparatively low price. Now, technological opportunities are presenting themselves which mean that all of Multi-Science's content can be easily afforded by any institution, anywhere in the world. This is a goal which the company's directors prize highly - to let learning be wide-spread - and, once again, it is attainable only by a private company, not by one which has outside shareholders, who are always demanding more and more profit!


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26 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex SS5 4AD, UK
+44(0)1702 562129 ·



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SAGE and Multi-science are pleased to announce that SAGE has acquired the majority of journals owned and published by Multi-science. The acquisition results in 19 titles transferring to SAGE as of 2016. Please click here for more information.

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