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International Journal of Architectural Computing

The journal features high-quality, original research papers (including state-of-the-art reviews), brief papers, and letters in all theoretical and technological areas that make up the field of Architectural Computing. Certain issues will have contemporary themes.


International Journal of Aeroacoustics

Editor: Ganesh Raman

Aeroacoustics is a growing area and has received fresh emphasis due to advances in air, ground and space transportation. Significant advances in aeroacoustics are required for reducing community and cabin noise from subsonic aircraft and to prepare for the possible large scale entry of supersonic aircraft into civil aviation. The use of high thrust producing engines on military aircraft has raised numerous concerns about exposure of aircraft carrier personnel and sonic fatigue failure of aircraft structures. In the ground transportation arena efforts are currently under way to minimize the aerodynamic noise from automobiles and high speed trains. Finally, space launch vehicle noise if uncontrolled can cause serious structural damage to the spacecraft and payload. In addition, with the proliferation of space flight, launch vehicle noise can also become a significant environmental issue. It has become increasingly important to address all of the above noise issues in order to minimize the noise impact of advances in transportation. New research needs to be conducted and effectively communicated, in order to meet higher levels of noise certification and to pre-empt further regulatory burdens.


Noise Notes

Noise Notes covers all aspects of noise in the context of its being an environmental nuisance - thus noise from transport (air/road/rail); noise within buildings (construction and HVAC issues); 'social' noise (the capacity of individuals to generate intolerable noise levels for neighbours); medical aspects (stress, depression, low frequency induced illness); legislation, regulation and court decisions are all reported.


Adsorption Science & Technology

Adsorption Science & Technology is devoted to studies of adsorption and desorption phenomena, which publishes original research papers and critical review articles, with occasional special issues relating to particular topics and symposia.


Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics is a quarterly journal concerned with acoustics in the built environment. The contents includes, for example, contributions on room acoustics, industrial noise, building services noise, transportation noise and vibration in buildings.


Energy & Environment

Energy and Environment is an interdisciplinary journal aimed at natural scientists, technologists and the international social science and policy communities covering the direct and indirect environmental impacts of energy acquisition, transport, production and use.


Energy Exploration & Exploitation

Energy Exploration and Exploitation provides a balanced view of energy matters for readers who need to keep abreast of advances and events in the many disciplines of great importance to those industries. All forms of energy are covered: fossil and derivative fuels, nuclear, renewables, electricity and advanced concepts of energy use and development.


Low Frequency Noise & Vibration

The considerable and growing interest in the phenomena of low frequency noise and vibration and their powerful effects on man, animals and the environment, spreads across several disciplines; studies of these topics are to be found at present in the periodical literature of acoustics, geophysics, architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, psychology and zoology.


Noise & Vibration Worldwide

Noise & Vibration Worldwide (NVWW) is the WORLD'S LEADING MAGAZINE on all aspects of the cause, effect, measurement, acceptable levels and methods of control of noise and vibration, keeping you up-to-date on all the latest developments and applications in noise and vibration control.


International Journal of Space Structures

Space Structures encompasses structures such as single-, double- and multi-layer grids, barrel vaults, domes, towers, folded plates, radar dishes, tensegrity structures, stressed skin assemblies, foldable structures, pneumatic systems and cable arrangements. No limitation on the type of material is imposed and the scope includes structures constructed in steel, aluminum, timber, concrete, plastics, paperboard and fabric.


Wind Engineering

Papers are published in Wind Engineering on: the aerodynamics of rotors and blades; machine subsystems and components; design; test programmes; power generation and transmission; measuring and recording techniques; installations and applications; and economic, environmental and legal aspects. Wind Engineering is of the utmost value to everybody involved with wind as a source of energy.


Acoustics Abstracts

Multi-Science will keep you informed and up-to-date with developments in acoustics efficiently and at a very moderate cost, through Acoustics Abstracts. Acoustics Abstracts presents you with 12 issues yearly totaling 4-5000 summaries of the most significant papers and articles from many hundreds of printed sources in 41 easy-to-scan sections. Acoustics Abstracts is unique, it is inexpensive and is an essential tool for organisations and individuals seriously involved in any branch of acoustics.


Biomass Bulletin

While the basic science of conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals, and of biomass 'waste' to products of value, is well understood, the pace of research in these areas is rapid. Biomass Bulletin presents summaries of the published research papers on these topics, as well as book reviews, conference announcements, reports of governmental involvement, and news and comment. A subscription to Biomass Bulletin is the most cost-effective way of keeping up-to-date in this fast moving area. Biomass bulletin offers a lot of quality information at low cost.


Noise & Vibration Bulletin

Noise and Vibration Bulletin reports on all aspects of this wide-ranging topic: effects on the human and animal organism, instrumentation standards and regulations; mechanisms involved in road and rail transport, aircraft, domestic and other noise sources; reduction and control.This important monthly publication carries at least one major piece of research as a full length paper, plus summaries of many recently published papers from the world's periodical literature, conference reports, plus items from the lay and technical press, plus new products and meetings news, plus standards information.


Noise & Vibration in Industry

Noise & Vibration in Industry covers the effects of noise and vibration on individuals at work, the effects of vibration on machines and buildings, the impact of industrially-generated noise on the community, hearing protection, audiology and audiometry. The summaries of significant work presented in Noise and Vibration in Industry are drawn from a wide range of the world's scientific and technical literature, and it is the only publication which presents such a breadth of information in such an easily accessible form.


Rare Earth Bulletin

The unusual properties of the rare earths make them of increasing interest in a growing number of highly important areas, the latest being superconducting. Valuable work on them is scattered throughout the literature of chemistry, physics, metallurgy, crystallography, and mining. Rare Earth Bulletin searches the world's journals for reported work on the lanthanides, and yttrium and scandium; translates it where necessary, summarizes and classifies it in six issues a year, with an ongoing subject index and an annual author index.


Renewable Energy Bulletin

Renewable Energy Bulletin presents reports of work in progress on all the renewables - solar, geothermal, hydropower, wind, ocean energy, biomass and waste conversion. The information is collected from a wide range of journals and reports by a Multi-Science research team, abstracted, classified, indexed and translated where necessary.The importance of renewable energy is growing as it becomes increasingly evident that fossil fuel supplies are finite, politically vulnerable and can pose considerable pollution problems.


Wind Engineering Abstracts

Wind Engineering Abstracts offers several hundred summaries in each volume of significant contributions to the advancement of wind energy, drawn from a wide range of journals, government agency reports, and conference proceedings. For an overview and up-date of this important field, Wind Engineering Abstracts is unbeatable.


Advances in Structural Engineering

Advances in Structural Engineering will publish papers concerned with all aspects of structural engineering, including analysis, behaviour, design and construction. As well as full length papers, short technical notes, book reviews and conference reports, will also be published. In addition, the journal will publish short articles introducing to readers selected researchers and research institutions in China.


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