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What Tiger Woods next coach needs

Do modern golf coaches need more than technical ability

In the latest issue of the International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, Special Section on Golf, (Vol 9 No 4, see the lead article in the Special Section on Golf, by Dr. Simon Jenkins argues for more professionalism in golf coaching, and advocates a Master of Science degree for golf coaches. Jenkins presents a case study of Sean Foley - formerly Tiger Woods coach, currently working with Hunter Mahan and Justin Rose - and makes the case that golf coaching is about more than just instruction, more than just knowledge of biomechanics. Jenkins argues for a Masters degree which would embrace the study of science and technology as it applies to golf, as well as the student acquiring the resources to be able to treat a golfer holistically. Jenkins’ challenging proposal has brought forth commentaries from 56 leading figures in the world of golf and sports academia. These commentators fall into a variety of categories: those who personally know Sean Foley; PGA education and training directors from around the world, PGA coaches; sports philosophers; golf biomechanicists; and golf mind coaches. With the commentaries, Jenkins’ article provides a master-class on what might be required for Tiger Woods’ next coach. One of the commentators, David Shier states, "Jenkins’ discussion of professionalism and in particular his discussion of the "philosopher coach" Sean Foley make it clear that incorporating philosophy to some extent would be of great value in a Master of Science program in Golf Coaching."

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26th September 2014



Journal of Healthcare Engineering accepted into MEDLINE

Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd is pleased to announce that its title, Journal of Healthcare Engineering has been accepted for inclusion into MEDLINE.

Commented Director Bill Hughes, "We are pleased that this journal, now just beginning its fourth volume, has been so soon accepted by MEDLINE. This is, I believe, a reflection of the exceptionally high standards the editor, Professor Chyu of Texas Tech University, has been able to maintain. And that he has been able to be so selective about what he chooses to include itself demonstrates the need for this journal to have been called into existence. In scholarly publishing, as in so many other activities, small independent organisations are far better at spotting market gaps – or imperfections – and doing something about them, than are the market’s behemoths.

Some three quarters of our journals are now in one or more of ISI, Scopus and MEDLINE. To a degree, this is a pleasing validation of our work. But what is more interesting has been the noticeable increase, over the last decade, in the willingness of organisations of this sort to recognise the existence of small publishers; to acknowledge that while much of their output is necessarily niche, it is not without intrinsic value: that, in effect, there is more to ‘worth’ than can be captured by the crudeness of an Impact Factor".

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Bill Hughes +44 1277 224632



Multi-Science Publishing is pleased to announce that another of its titles,
International Journal of Aeroacoustics, is now in ISI's Science Citation
Index (Engineering).

Commented Multi-Science Director Bill Hughes: "this kind of third party
validation of our journals is always welcome. The International Journal of
Aeroacoustics is a particularly strong title. Its the only peer reviewed,
English language journal devoted to Aeroacoustics - another instance of our
long-term policy of not creating 'yet another' journal on any given topic,
but filling necessary gaps in the literature. And Aeroacoustics is a subject
whose importance is only going to grow as public, therefore political,
pressure mounts to demand research-led solutions to the noise of aircraft. I
hope this recognition by ISI will help communicate a sense of this journal's
worth and importance to the academic community." The International Journal
of Aeroacoustics is also listed in SCOPUS.

More information:
Bill Hughes
+44 1277 224632




2011 Package – Gathering Momentum

Virginia Commonwealth University, Curtin University of Technology and Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University are among the latest additions to the growing list of research institutions that have signed up for Multi-Science Publishing’s 2011 Special Package, a collection of 27 peer reviewed journals plus backfile, concentrating on engineering/applied science.

Comments Multi-Science Director Bill Hughes, "Libraries like this product because we‘re good at creating unique content – there are, for example, no other journals devoted to aeroacoustics, or low frequency noise, or structural fire engineering, apart from ours. So acquiring this package, along with the backfile, gets libraries instant databases on topics where whatever other information there is, is widely scattered and hard to find. Other titles are attracting interest because of the way policy drives research. For example, we have been publishing Wind Engineering continuously since 1977, for years it was the only peer reviewed journal, anywhere, on the technological aspects of wind energy; suddenly, wind power research is being heavily funded by governments around the world so this journal and its backfile is now essential for many research libraries. And a number of our titles add value because of their interdisciplinary nature: the Journal of Healthcare Engineering, International Journal of Emerging Fluid Sciences are used by researchers across a number of different departments and departmental libraries, at no extra cost. In fact the licence for the 2011 Special Package allows usage of content across all departments and all sites of an institution, and off-campus too. And on the subject of cost, as a privately owned company, we don’t have to profit maximize for the shareholders’ benefit. We can carry on doing what we have been doing for the last 50 years, facilitating the flow of information among scholars at the lowest feasible cost – so at less than $5000 for 27 peer reviewed titles plus backfiles, this offer surely ticks the box for affordability, to say the very least."

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2011 Special Package –
or contact
Bill Hughes, Director, Multi-Science Publishing +44 1277 224632, email





2011 sees the 50th anniversary of the founding of Multi-Science Publishing by Bernard Hughes. Present Director Bill Hughes comented: "It is no mean achievement to have kept a business going, and still entirely in family hands, for 50 years. What success we have had, however, is entirely due to the support of the research community over the last 50 years."

"So to acknowledge that support, I'm making the research community the best possible offer I can for 2011: our collection of 27 peer reviewed journals at exceptionally low cost - in fact, a 56% discount of 2010 list price. With low cost comes high quality. Some of our titles are unique: there is no other journal devoted to building acoustics, except ours of that name; no other journal publishes solely on aeroacoustics apart from our International Journal of Aeroacoustics. Quite a few of our titles used to be super-niche, now they're mainstream: until recently wind energy was hardly a topic of research interest, even though we'd been publishing Wind Engineering since 1977; now its a hot topic, and subscribing to the collection includes the 10 year backfile of this title online, an instant database. Likewise, our long established environmental noise titles find themselves in the mainstream as political pressures have translated into research funding, and subscribers will benefit from access to their backfile. Our newer titles introduce readers to exciting areas such as protective structures, micro air vehicles, structural fire engineering. And our feel for coming developments in interdisciplinary research gives subscribers access to new, growing areas like emerging fluid sciences, multiphysics, and healthcare engineering".

"The collection offers high quality, innovative titles, ideal content for universities with a strong science/applied science bias, and priced with affordability in mind - our way of thanking the research community for its 50 years of supporting us."

General and editorial information about Multi-Science is at; specimen copies, tables of contents and abstracts can eb seen at

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Bill Hughes
Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd
+44 1277 224632



Multi-Science Publishing is pleased to announce that a number of its journals have been accepted for inclusion into ISI and Scopus indexing systems. The International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching has been accepted for ISI's Social Sciences Citation Index, and will have an impact factor from June 2011; the Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows, the International Journal of Flow Control, and the International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinary Fluid Sciences have all been selected for inclusion in Scopus.

More info: Bill Hughes
Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd
5 Wates Way, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9TB, UK
Tel: +44 1277 224632



New Journal Launches for 2010

Following the successful launch of seven new titles in 2009, Multi-Science Publishing now announces six further titles for 2010, taking its title list up to 32. The 2010 new titles are: International Journal of Protective Structures; Journal of Structural Fire Engineering; International Journal of Ocean & Climate Systems; Journal of Healthcare Engineering; International Journal of Micro Nano Scale Transport; and International Journal of Hypersonics.

Commented Multi-Science Director Bill Hughes, "Watching research patterns develop in increasingly interdisciplinary ways, and seeing the emergence of new research interests, commits us, as publishers, to create fora where academics can communicate with others whose research interests are as closely aligned to their own as possible. Study after study has shown that this is a key academic requirement and our success has been built around meeting that requirement.: in many areas we publish the only English-language journal wholly serving a particular subdiscipline.

Not only do we create useful conduits through which scientific communication can purposefully flow, we remove potential obstacles to communication. Our journals are anyway realistically priced - easily affordable even on the subscription model - and, through pioneering consortia deals such as Knowledge Exchange and the ALPSP-CRKN agreement, can be available to university libraries at really low prices. The next step is to marry the goal of even wider access, beyond academia, with the fundamental need for the sustainability of the publishing model. In 2010, we expect to be making some radical proposals in that respect."

More information
Bill Hughes
Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd


Ground breaking licence agreed between academic publisher and sporting body

Multi-Science Publishing & Professional Golfers Association licence agreed

Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd has announced that it has signed a licence with the UK's Professional Golfers Association (PGA) whereby PGA members will have unrestricted online access to the International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, The Annual Review of Golf Coaching series, and the Sports Science Handbook, from 2010.

Commented Kyle Phillpots, PGA's Director of Training and Education, "Professionalising coaching in this country comes in part through coaches being able to use high quality, peer reviewed materials of this sort. Organisations like the PGA can play a great role in coach development by making it possible for our members to have access to this material at no cost to themselves. Empowered coaches are better coaches!"

Bill Hughes, Multi-Science's Managing Director, said "Understanding that authoritative, peer reviewed research can have a role outside of academia, and finding innovative ways to exploit licensing opportunities, will be what distinguishes successful publishers in these difficult times. With the economic climate in turmoil, and the publishing business model under pressure from all sides, doing 'more of the same' is no answer to anything. Commercial considerations aside, I am delighted that, through the PGA, its members will be able to use our content. While the resources freely available on the internet are, at best, better than nothing, at worst they are positively misleading. If people, in whatever way engaged in teaching and learning can have, at no cost to themselves, access to materials whose quality and completeness is not in question, that is a great step forward. I congratulate the UK PGA on having the courage to make this ground-breaking agreement".

Late stage talks are also taking place with the US Fencing Coaches Association, and Australian Field & Track.

More information
Bill Hughes, Multi-Science, tel +44 1277 224632,

Kyle Phillpots, Director of Training and Education, PGA (UK) +44 1675 470333,


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