Noise Notes

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Essential information for Noise professionals, including:

• Environmental health officers

• Local and central government

• Regulatory bodies

• Trade unions

• Noise consultants

• Environmental groups


Noise Notes covers all aspects of noise in the context of its being an environmental nuisance - thus noise from transport (air/road/rail); noise within buildings (construction and HVAC issues); 'social' noise (the capacity of individuals to generate intolerable noise levels for neighbours); medical aspects (stress, depression, low frequency induced illness); legislation, regulation and court decisions are all reported.

Noise Notes is designed for the busy professional. It offers an easy way of keeping up to date with developments in this important and growing field.

Noise Notes provides a convenient digest of significant papers from the learned journals, keeping you at the cutting edge of progress in your field; reports on policy decisions and legislation from national and international bodies; court tribunal decisions; standards and patents; and selected manufacturers announcements.

Everything that you should need to keep you up to date in your professional life, you'll find in Noise Notes.


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publisher's message:

"Dear fellow professional, As you're probably aware, Multi-Science been publishing in the noise and vibration field for many years now. It's becoming increasingly clear to us that there is a growing number of you, professionals, researchers, experts, whose interests are concerned with the phenomenon of noise only, in all its aspects, with no interest In vibration.

So we've developed this new publication, Noise Notes, with your requirements particularly in mind. Noise Notes covers all aspects of noise as environmental issue: transport noise, noise within buildings, social noise, medical aspects, as well as legislation and regulation issues. These are the areas, we believe, you want to be kept informed about.

Do take a moment to read the leaflet. I feel sure that Noise Notes represents just what you've been looking for, and that, combined with our long-standing policy of making scientific/technical information available at an affordable price will, I hope, impel you to subscribe."

Bill Hughes

Publisher, Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd.