Wind Engineering Abstracts

editor: P.K. Jones
published quarterly • ISSN 0263-09152011 journal prices/format options


Wind Engineering Abstracts offers several hundred summaries in each volume of significant contributions to the advancement of wind energy, drawn from a wide range of journals, government agency reports, and conference proceedings. For an overview and up-date of this important field, Wind Engineering Abstracts is unbeatable.


Wind Engineering Abstracts covers all aspects of the subject:


• Meteorology, Geography, Topography

• Aerodynamics; Rotors and Blades

• Designs; Test Programmes

• Installations and Applications

• Machine Subsystems and Components

• Power Generation and Transmission

• Measuring and Recording Techniques

• Economic, Environmental and Legal Aspects


20 years ago the use of wind power was a pipe-dream; 10 years ago it was being considered in a most theoretical way in research laboratories. Now it is a reality: power is being generated from the wind. And as theoretical and lab-scale models are being scaled up and exposed to the conditions of the real world, so a whole new body of experience, results and information is emerging. The surest, and low-cost, way of keeping abreast of this latest wave of developments is through a subscription to Wind Engineering Abstracts.


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