Wind Turbine Noise

How it is produced, propagated measured and received

Editors: Geoff Leventhall and Dick Bowdler, Noise consultants

Publication: Autumn 2011 • ISBN 978-1-907132-30-8 • 260pp • £58.50


Noise from wind turbines is a major constraining factor in the location of turbines. A recent survey in the Netherlands showed that sound was the aspect of wind turbines which led to most complaints, generally greater compared with other sound sources of equal level. Investigation, understanding and reduction of noise from wind turbines is a necessary progression in the development of this sector of renewable energy.

The book, authored by an international group of experts, reviews current knowledge, providing an objective and accurate assessment of all aspects of wind turbine noise.

While the primary audience for this book is the scientific, regulatory and planning community, it will also be of great value to those in the wind power industry itself, the broader power supply industry, to environmental organisations, academics and others with an interest in renewable energy.



Geoff Leventhall Acoustical background

Stefan Oerlemans (National Aerospace Laboratory, Netherlands) How wind turbine noise is produced.

Andrew Bullmore (Hoare Lea Associates) Propagation of wind turbine noise

Bo Søndergaard (Grontmij/Carl Bro Acoustica) The effect of reflections and insulation at the receiver.

Frits van den Berg (Amsterdam Public Health Service) The effects of wind turbine noise on people

David Hessler (Hessler Associates Inc) The measurement of wind turbine noise.

Mark Bastasch (CH2M Hill) Criteria for wind turbine noise in different countries.


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