Wind Energy in the Built Environment

by Sander Mertens
published 2006 • ISBN 0906522 35 8 • ix + 170pp • 37.50


This book describes the wind resources in the built environment that can be converted into energy by a wind turbine. It especially deals with the integration of a wind turbine and a building in such a way that the building concentrates the available wind energy for the wind turbine. The three different ways to concentrate wind power are examined: wind turbines on the roof or at the sides of a building; wind turbines between two airfoil shaped buildings; wind turbines in ducts through buildings.

The author's analysis leads him to conclude that wind energy conversion in the built environment, making use of the concentrator effect of buildings, is a promising renewable energy source.



This book is suitable for professionals and academics in:

• Architecture
• Town Planning
• Civil Engineering
• Energy Engineering
• Wind Engineering
• Building Physics


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about the author

Sander Mertens worked at TU Delft's highly regarded Wind Energy section. He got his Ph.D there in 2006 and is the founder and owner of Ingreenious, a small leading international consultancy and engineering firm, which provides ingenious Green solutions for its clients.