Train-Induced Groundborne Vibration and Noise in Buildings

Osama A. B. Hassan
publication date: March 2007 • ISBN 0906522 439 • xiii + 537pp • 59.50


Worldwide, populations remorselessly increase; urbanisation increases. Land in cities, formerly considered unsuitable for building on, begins to be reassessed. As structures are more frequently being built above, around, close to, railways, so the problems of transmission of structure-borne sound and vibration in buildings, emanating from railways, needs to be more closely considered. This book reviews recent work on train-induced groundborne vibration in buildings, filling an important gap in the literature. As such it will be useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students specialising in railway noise and/or train-induced ground borne vibrations and noise in buildings, and to noise and vibration consultants and professionals in the fields of civil and railway engineering and building acoustics.

Chapter 1 presents a general overview of groundborne vibration, serves as an introduction to the whole subject and is written as a state-of-the-art review. Chapter 2 deals with the general features associated with groundborne vibration such as its origin, transmission, interaction with structures, influence of the type of railway (i.e., whether it is on the surface or underground), on the modelling procedure, etc. Chapter 3 deals with the influence of perceptible vibrations on occupants, the calculation methods involved. Chapter 4 looks at the methods advanced to combat rail-tunnel vibration and associated matters. Chapter 5 deals with transmission of structure-borne sound in buildings; effects of the type of ground on the sound transmission is also presented. In this chapter some engineering design questions are raised and are dealt with. Chapter 6 deals with the control methods for structure-borne noise. Several control schemes are advanced and prediction methods are reviewed. Extensive references support each chapter.


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about the editor

Dr Hassan worked as a researcher in building acoustics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden from 1999-2004. In December 2003, he completed his PhD in building acoustics. Currently, he works as an independent consultant in building acoustics and technology. He has published more than 15 scientific papers and reports in recognised refereed journals in the field of building acoustics and technology.