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Structural Morphology and Configuration Processing of Space Structures

Editor: Professor René Motro
published November 2009 • ISBN 978-1-907132-13-1 • vii + 686pp • 85


About the book

Structural morphology is a major research area for structural design improvement. This book gives an overview of some issues related to relations between forms, forces, and material. After a section devoted to historical approaches, some key features of structural morphology are developed in the second section. What can we learn from natural examples? How can we use our geometrical knowledge to develop industrial solutions for space structures? Which are the appropriate models for systems whose form is closely related to initial stresses like cable nets, membranes and tensegrity systems? What are the new associated topics to teach? Configuration processing methods are required for data generation of complex systems, and moreover for their required modifications and/or monitoring. Formex algebra and the associated programming language known as Formian are presented in the third section with practical applications.

The future is addressed in the last part of the book, where the structural design of geometrically variable structures is considered.

The texts are written by internationally recognized experts in the field. The book will provide the reader with a concise overview of recent developments in the field of structural morphology and configuration processing.

Practising and academic structural and civil engineers, and all those at the forefront of architecture, will value this book.





Part A: History
Robert Le Ricolais (1894-1977) “Father of Spatial Structures”
R. Motro

The Crystal Palace and its Place in Structural History
B. Addis

Aesthetics and Economy in Pedestrian Bridge Design
S. Woodruff, D. P. Billington

Peter Rice: A Transversal Approach to Engineering
K. Rice, N. Baldassini

Part B: Structural Morphology
Three-Dimensional and Dynamic Constructions Based on Leonardo Grids
R. Roelofs

Nature Teaching Structures
T. Wester

Teaching of Space Structures with Initial Stresses
R. Motro

Folding Sleeves – Variations on a Theme of the Earthworm
C. Hachem, A. Hanaor

Soccer Ball Geometry, a Matter of Morphology
P. Huybers

Spherical Triangulation Systems
M. D. Davister

Form Finding and Analysis by Dynamic Relaxation
M. R. Barnes

Multiparametered Formfinding Method: Application to Tensegrity Systems
N. Vassart, R. Motro

A General Finite Element Approach to the Form Finding of Tensile Structures by the Updated Reference Strategy
K-U Bletzinger, E. Ramm

Part C: Formex Configuration Processing
Formex Configuration Processing I
H Nooshin, P. Disney

Formex Configuration Processing II
H. Nooshin, P. Disney

Formex Configuration Processing III
H. Nooshin, P. Disney

Elements of Theory of Plenices
M. Bolourian, H. Nooshin

O. Baverel, H. Nooshin, Y. Kuroiwa, G. A. R. Parke

Part D: Deployable and Retractable Space Structures
A Retractable Small-Span Roof Based on Thin-Walled Lightweight Spatial Units
E. Karni, S. Pellegrino

Evaluation of Deployable Structures for Space Enclosures
A. Hanaor, R. Levy



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About the editor

Professor René Motro’s research interests are in the area of space structures; structural morphology, non linear behaviour, membranes form finding, design of tensegrity systems and design process. Born in 1946, Civil Engineer, DI, DE, HDR. Professor, previously Director of the Laboratory for Mechanics and Civil Engineering (University Montpellier 2) René Motro is Editor in chief of the “International Journal of Space Structures”, member of the Editorial Board of the “Journal of International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures” and of three other journals related to civil engineering structures.

Vice president of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures since 2003, he is co-founder and has chaired for four years the working group 15 “Structural Morphology”. Chairman of three international seminars on “Structural Morphology” , Chairman for IASS Symposium 2004 in Montpellier, France. His publication list contains more than three hundred items. Among them his book on “Tensegrity” has been published in English, Chinese and French.
He received the “Tsuboi Award” from IASS in 1998 and 2007, the Pioneers Award from the Space Structures Research Centre in 2002, and several other national distinctions.