Sports Science Handbook

The Essential Guide to Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Science

by Simon Jenkins

Vol. 1 A-H • published 2005 • ISBN 0 906522 36 6 • pp. 420 • £37.50

Vol. 2 I-Z • published 2005 • ISBN 0 906522 37 4 • pp. 404 • £37.50

Sports Science Handbook: Vol.1 £37.50

Sports Science Handbook: Vol.2 £37.50


Sports Science was originally concerned with how athletic performance could be improved and injuries prevented. It has increasingly become concerned with 'health-related' exercise. The Sports Science Handbook captures the contemporary scope of the field that is increasingly referred to as 'exercise and sports science.' In the USA, the term 'kinesiology' is frequently used to refer to the academic study of physical education, including the scientific and health aspects. In addition to explaining many scientific and technical terms, the Sports Science Handbook provides concise overviews of subject matter and clarifies confusing issues. It is an encyclopedic dictionary that is largely a 'review of authoritative reviews,' with many references to key books and journal articles.



"The trend in professions relating to sport and exercise, including physical education, has been to move from general issues towards more specialized concerns with respect to the scientific knowledge available. Scientific technology has advanced to the stage that human movement can be analyzed using three-dimensional high-speed digital video analysis and athletic potential can be determined using biochemical analysis. Much of what students learn has a strong interrelationship that requires a common base of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Terminology is often a barrier in the study of human movement, especially in the scientific disciplines. Dr Jenkins' Sports Science Handbook brings a clear focus of how Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Health interrelate and provides a framework of commonality in which to discuss key concepts. It is an impressive collection of diligently researched and useful references. I believe that this book will become highly regarded in the USA, as well as many other nations, and it will be heavily used as an authoritative reference book. It is a must for every university library; for departments related to health, physical education and sports science; and especially for professors and students in these fields.

Danny R. Mielke, Ed.D.; M.P.H.; C.H.E.S. Professor, Eastern Oregon University

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about the author:

Dr Simon Jenkins is a Principal Lecturer in the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching.

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