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• The Sports Science Handbook defines many thousands of relevant scientific and technical terms, provides concise overviews of subject matter and clarifies confusing issues.

• It is especially relevant because as the study of sport develops, more disciplines are drawn in, and a student of one discipline will not necessarily fully understand the terminology of other disciplines.

• Therefore it will be a widely used resource by, among others, students of Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Science, Physical Education, Nutrition, Physiology, Biomechanics…

• Trusted, authoritative content, developed over more than a decade by Dr Simon Jenkins, editor of the International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, and currently with Leeds Metropolitan University's Sport & Coaching Carnegie Faculty.

• Hosted on MetaPress, a well-known and secure platform.

• The online version is regularly updated; students who are using it can be sure their work is always based on the latest research.

• A licence gives access to all students at all locations of a university/other educational establishment .

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"Having the handbook on-line has been an outstanding addition to the learning effected by students on our course."

Danny R. Mielke, Ed.D.; M.P.H.; C.H.E.S. Professor, Eastern Oregon University

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