International Journal of Space Structures

editors: O. Baverel and S. Adriaenssens
published quarterly • ISSN 0266-3511 • 2015 journal prices/format options

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The aim of the journal is to provide an international forum for the interchange of information on all aspects of analysis, design and construction of space structures.

The scope of the journal encompasses structures such as single-, double- and multi-layer grids, barrel vaults, domes, towers, folded plates, radar dishes, tensegrity structures, stressed skin assemblies, foldable structures, pneumatic systems and cable arrangements. No limitation on the type of material is imposed and the scope includes structures constructed in steel, aluminium, timber, concrete, plastics, paperboard and fabric.

The journal aims at striking a balance between theory and practice and creating a platform for exchange of information between structural engineers, architects, civil engineering contractors, system manufacturers and research workers in academic and non-academic establishments.

The journal includes regular reviews of technical publications, books and trade literature. Also included is information on recently built important space structures, recently held conferences and forthcoming events of interest.


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International Journal of Space Structures editorial board

O. Baverel and S. Adriaenssens
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France
Princeton University USA

Former Editors

Editorial board
J.F. Abel Cornell University, USA

H. Adeli The Ohio State University, USA

S. Adriaenssens Princeton University, USA

F.G.A. Albermani The University of Queensland, Australia

K.U. Bletzinger Technische Universität München, Germany

P. Block ETHZ, Switzerland

R.R. Bradshaw USA

M. Brocato ENS Architecture Paris Malaquais, France

J. Chilton Nottingham Trent University, UK

A. Domingo Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

D. Dureisseix University Montpellier 2, France

J.F. Gabriel Emeritus Professor, Syracuse, USA –France

C. Gengnagel UDK Berlin, Germany

P. Huybers Netherlands

S. Kato Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan

M. Kawaguchi Kawaguchi & Engineers, Japan

F. Jensen Soeren Jensen Consulting Engineers, Denmark

H. Lalvani Pratt Institute New York, USA

Tien T. Lan Chinese Academy of Building Research, China

C. Lazaro Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

M. Levy Engineer, USA

K. Linkwitz Engineer, Germany

S. Maalek University of Theran, Iran

R. B. Malla University of Connecticut, USA

R. Motro University of Montpellier 2, France

H. Nooshin University of Surrey, UK

J.B. Obrebski Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

H. Ohmori Nagoya University, Japan

J.G. Oliva Salinas Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

R. Oxman Technion ITT, Israel

M. Papadrakakis National Technical University Athens, Greece

S. Pellegrino California Institute of Technology, USA

E. Ramm University of Stuttgart, Germany

J. Sanchez-Alvarez Lindner Steel & Glass, Germany

R.E Shaeffer USA

S.Z. Shen School of Civil Engineering, Harbin, China

N. Subramanian Engineer, USA

T. Tarnai Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

C. Williams University of Bath, UK

S.D. Xue Beijing University of Technology, China