Renewable Energy Bulletin

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Renewable Energy Bulletin presents reports of work in progress on all the renewables - solar, geothermal, hydropower, wind, ocean energy, biomass and waste conversion. The information is collected from a wide range of journals and reports by a Multi-Science research team, abstracted, classified, indexed and translated where necessary.The importance of renewable energy is growing as it becomes increasingly evident that fossil fuel supplies are finite, politically vulnerable and can pose considerable pollution problems.

A subscription to Renewable Energy Bulletin is the ideal way of keeping abreast of the vast amount of work in progress. Some 1400 papers are summarised in each volume, which makes the subscription outstandingly good value - an indispensable tool for all researchers/workers in this field.


Insolation, Measurements and Models


Solar Collection

Hydropower & Pumped Storage

Solar Heating/Cooling Systems

Ocean Energy

Solar Power Stations

Biomass & Waste Conversion

Solar Energy Storage

Alcohol & Chemicals

Photoelectric Devices


Photoelectrolysis & Photoelectrochemical

Wind Power Devices



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