Rare Earth Bulletin

editor: J.M.H. Wilson
published bi-monthly • ISSN 0307-85312007 journal prices/format options


The unusual properties of the rare earths make them of increasing interest in a growing number of highly important areas, the latest being superconducting. Valuable work on them is scattered throughout the literature of chemistry, physics, metallurgy, crystallography, and mining. Rare Earth Bulletin searches the world's journals for reported work on the lanthanides, yttrium and scandium; translates it where necessary, summarizes and classifies it in six issues a year, with an ongoing subject index and an annual author index. Rare Earth Bulletin is the only English-language publication devoted exclusively to this important group of elements and their compounds. It has been published continuously since 1973.

Rare Earth Bulletin is unique, but inexpensive.

It offers, annually, many hundreds of informative and concise summaries of scientific/technical papers, written in straightforward style by qualified experts.

It is interdisciplinary, drawing worldwide on the periodical literature of physics, chemistry, crystallography, metallurgy, electronics.

It brings material to the attention of readers that they would not readily find elsewhere - such as conference proceedings, agency reports and book reviews.


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