Noise and Vibration in Industry

editor: B.R.V. Hughes
published quarterly • ISSN 0950-81632015 journal prices/format options


Worldwide, increasingly stringent regulations are coming into force, limiting the exposure of workers to industrial noise and vibration. The topic of industrial noise and vibration, and its consequences, is thus of growing importance to employers, local and central government officials, trade unions, occupational hygienists and physicians, and insurers.


Noise & Vibration in Industry covers the effects of noise and vibration on individuals at work, the effects of vibration on machines and buildings, the impact of industrially-generated noise on the community, hearing protection, audiology and audiometry. The summaries of significant work presented in Noise and Vibration in Industry are drawn from a wide range of the world's scientific and technical literature, and it is the only publication which presents such a breadth of information in such an easily accessible form.


If industrial noise and vibration concerns you, you need Noise and Vibration in Industry.


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