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Mobile information processing in architecture and building

by Alexander Koutamanis
Publication date: September 2010 • ISBN 978-1-907132-17-9 • vi + 158pp • £35/$58


This book outlines the applications of mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs to architecture and building. It offers an invaluable guide to professionals and students as an overview of the possibilities and limitations of what is likely to become a major development in their field. The book addresses general use issues specifically architectural applications - sketching, CAD, and project management.

There is a critical overview of the reasons why one might use mobile devices for each specific purpose, of the possibilities and limitations of these devices; of the skills and facilities required for using them effectively and efficiently; and of the relation between mobile applications and general computerization in architectural practice (in terms of both technology and organisation).

This book is in five sections:

1 - Introduction
Overview of technologies, terms and history of mobile devices

2 - Exploring a mobile device
Hands-on functional description of the technology

3 - Working with mobile devices
Facilities and capabilities of the technology, including general functionality (text processing, communication, synchronization with computers and servers)

4 - Applications in architecture and building
General facilities applied to the specific domain and domain-related facilities (sketching, drawing, CAD, project management, surveying etc.)

5 - The future
Expectations of the technology and its applicability in architecture and building; related internet resources

The book is an introductory overview of mobile information processing, for architectural practitioners as well as students of architecture.
Alexander Koutamanis is Associate Professor of Computational Design, Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands


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