Proceedings, Low Frequency 2004

11th International Meeting on Low Frequency Noise and Vibration and its Control Maastricht, Netherlands, 30 August - 1 September 2004

Editors: Dr W. Tempest and Dr H. G. Leventhall
published December 2004 • ISBN 0 906522 31 5 • pp. 400 • £65


This volume contains the 40-plus papers presented at the 11th international meeting on low frequency noise and vibration and its control, at Maastricht in September 2004. As such, it represents the state-of-the-art in low frequency research. The phenomena of low frequency noise and vibration and their powerful effects on man, animals and the environment spread across several disciplines including psychology, civil and mechanical engineering, architecture, geophysics and acoustics.


Key topics:
• Sources of infrasound and low frequency noise and vibration: detection, measurement and analysis;
• Propagation of infrasound and low frequency noise in the atmosphere;
• Propagation of vibration in the ground and in structures;
• Perception of infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration by man and animals; effects on man and animals;
• Interaction of low frequency noise and vibration: vibrations caused by noise, radiation of noise from vibrating structures;
• Low frequency noise and vibration control.



Mitigation of cable vibrations using rubber bushings and viscous dampers
Seyed Asadollah Bassam, Felix Weber, Masoud Motavalli

Low frequency noise in a paper mill control room
Johanna Bengtsson, Agneta Agge, Kerstin Persson Waye, Martin Björkman

Low frequency noise assessment - a new insight?
Norm Broner

Comparative cabin noise analysis in light aircraft and in cars
Tino Bucak, Ernest Bazijanac, Hrvoje Domitrovic

Experimental study on the relationship between the wave shape of impulsive infrasound and the rattling of windows
Tetsuya DOI and Jiro KAKU

Noise and vibration reducing measures to the Souterrain Tramtunnel in The Hague optimally tuned to the situation
Ing. H. van der Vecht, Ir. R. Dokter

A Non-Linear Three-Dimensional Dynamic Model for Cylindrical Rubber Vibration Isolators
S.M.R. Elahyari, M. Hatam, M.H. Kadivar

Acoustical Standards for Classroom Design: Comparison of International Standards and Low Frequency Criteria
Jack B. Evans

Vibro acoustic modeling for periodic force and impact loading on circular plates in a disc horn
Avinash Gupta, Shishir Gupta

Proposed Criteria in Residential Communities for Low Frequency Noise from Industrial Sources
George F. Hessler Jr.

An Evaluation Method of Low Frequency Noise in Complex Sound Environment under Existence of Background Noise
Akira Ikuta, Hisako Masuike, Mitsuo Ohta

Acceptable limits and their percentiles for low frequency noise in ordinary adults and complainants
Yukio INUKAI, Shinji YAMADA, Hiroaki OCHIAI, Yasuo TOKITA

Thresholds, psychometric functions and detection ratios below thresholds of low frequency noise in ordinary adults and complainants

Thresholds, unpleasantness and acceptable limits of low frequency noise in older adults and complainants
Yukio INUKAI, Hideteo TAYA, Kenji KURAKATA, Ken Sagawa

Infrasound Emission from Wind Turbines
Jørgen Jakobsen

Publication of "Handbook to Deal with Low Frequency Noise (2004)"
Kenji KAMIGAWARA, Jun-ichi YUE, Teruhiko SAITO, Takashi HIRANO

Field measurement of wayside low-frequency noise emitted from tunnel portals and trains of high-speed railway

Rattling thresholds of windows or doors by ground vibration
Toshiya KITAMURA, Shin-ya IMAI, Shuhei SANO, Hiroyuki YAMADA, Toshiyuki SUGIYAMA, Shinji YAMADA

Low frequency lateral acceleration and subjective ratings of acceleration intensity and driving confidence in production cars
Neil J Mansfield and Elinor Whiting-Lewis

Whole body vibration measurements and calculations of the daily 8-hour values in Finnish working environments
Ykä Marjanen

Methods for measuring the dynamic stiffness of resilient rail fastenings for low frequency vibration isolation of railways, their problems and possible solutions
Chris Morison, Anbin Wang, Oliver Bewes

Proposals for the kinetic estimation of Infrasound for autonomic nerve disease and for the sensibility of human body

The influence of a noise barrier on nuisance caused by vibrations
C. Ostendorf

Occupational exposure to noise, hand-arm vibration and organic solvents in dockyard and glass factory workers
Malgorzata Pawlaczyk-Luszczynska, Adam Dudarewicz, Ewa Zamyslowska Szmytke, Mariola Sliwinska-Kowalska

The impact of low frequency noise on the cognitive functions in humans
Malgorzata Pawlaczyk-Luszczynska, Adam Dudarewicz, Malgorzata Waszkowska, Wieslaw Szymczak, Mariola Sliwinska-Kowalska

An investigation of low-frequency noise complaints
Christian Sejer Pedersen, Henrik Møller, Kerstin Persson Waye

Vibroacoustic disease - what is known to date
Nuno A. A. Castelo Branco, Mariana Alves-Pereira

Vibroacoustic disease - associated respiratory tract pathology
Josť Reis Ferreira, Carla P. Mendes, Miguel Monteiro, Maria Cristina Marques, Mariana Alves-Pereira, Nuno A. A. Castelo Branco

Vibroacoustic disease - the response of biological tissue to low frequency noise
Mariana Alves-Pereira, João Joanaz de Melo, Maria Cristina Marques, Nuno A. A. Castelo Branco

Low Frequency Noise Measurements
Gunnar Rasmussen

Whole-Body Vibration of Forest Machine Drivers
Esko Sorainen, Aki Vähänikkilä, Teemu Pasanen and Esko Rytkönen

Modelling Critical Train Velocity on Soft Soils, Case Breda
H.G. Stuit

Modelling of Soil Vibrations from Metro Tunnels in Sevilla
H.G. Stuit

Modelling of Soil Vibrations from Railway Viaducts
H.G. Stuit, W. Gardien

A consideration of the relationship between subjective unpleasantness and body surface vibrations induced by complex low-frequency noise
Measurement of whole-body vibration strain for the standing posture

Do wind turbines produce significant low frequency sound levels?
G.P. van den Berg

Masking of low frequency sound by band noise and its psychological response

Hearing loss in workers exposed to different type of noise, organic solvents and hand-arm vibration
Ewa Zamyslowska-Szmytke, Malgorzata Pawlaczyk-Luszczynska, Graz.yna Tarnawska, Mariola Sliwinska-Kowalska

Vibration perception assessment in two different measuring conditions in workers exposed to mechanical vibrations
Ewa Zamyslowska-Szmytke, Mariola Sliwinska-Kowalska


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