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author off-prints: new policy

Hitherto we have given authors of papers published in our journals 25 printed off-prints plus a copy of the relevant issue. Authors have received off-prints after the journal has been dispatched, sometimes quite significantly afterwards, because of the production process; distribution by post around the world has caused further delays.

Recognising the importance to our authors of timely receipt of off-prints, we will from now on only be supplying pdfs, as e-mail attachments. This will mean our authors receive their off-prints when (or even before) the journal is being printed, and that they are not restricted to the 25 sets formerly provided ­ should they wish to print off more copies than that for their colleagues and peers, they are free to do so.

We hope all existing and potential authors will recognise this as our attempt to give them a better service in return for their contribution. A printed copy of the journal containing their paper will still be available for those authors who wish to apply to the publisher for one.