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Special Issue on Big Data in Transportation


In the past two years, Big Data has become an emerging discussion topic in the transportation research community. The term Big Data refers to data sets that have tremendous volume, variety and velocity. That is, the data sets at are so huge, complex, and arriving so fast that render them difficult to collect, organize, store, process, analyze, disseminate and archive.

In transportation, with the widespread use of vehicle sensors by public agencies (mostly in intelligent transportation systems infrastructure), vehicle positioning and navigation systems in transit, commercial and private vehicles, applications ("apps") in smartphones by travelers, social media, online ticketing and shopping, and etc, it is now possible for researchers to collect Big Data and use it to improve the planning, design, operations, management and maintenance of transportation systems. In the near future, with the implementation of driverless vehicles, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems, the sources and quantity of data are expected to increase exponentially.

The International Journal of Transportation Science & Technology ( will be publishing a special issue on Big Data in Transportation. The objective of this issue is to provide a focused platform for researchers to share the new results and discuss challenges faced in the use of Big Data in transportation systems. We welcome papers that cover the collection and use of Big Data in the planning, modelling, design, operations, management and maintenance of all modes of transportation, including asset management, transportation safety and security, transportation related air quality analysis, disaster/climate change management and emergency response.

Authors are invited to submit full manuscripts (as one Microsoft Word document) directly to Prof. Ruey (Kelvin) Cheu, Guest Editor, at by December 15, 2014. Instructions for preparing the manuscript (including the Microsoft Word template) may be found at All manuscripts will be subjected to the journal’s peer review process. The target in-print date is the second half of 2015 or as soon as the review process is completed. We appreciate if you give an early indication of "intend to submit" by sending a short message to Prof. Cheu at the above email address. Screening/review process will commence as soon as the full manuscript is received.


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