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Because of increased terrorist activities, the effective protection of critical civil infrastructure such as embassies, government buildings, airports and bridges against blast loads has become a critical issue. Moreover, the effects of military ordnance on civil infrastructure, and collateral damage estimation, are increasingly topics of relevance to defence agencies and government. Hence, there has been a significant increase in research activities related to infrastructure protection against blast loads around the world. Many new research results have been obtained. In addition to blast loads from terrorist actions or accidental gas explosions, vehicle impact on road and bridge infrastructure, ship impact on bridge structures, and impact between adjacent structures during earthquake shakings, drop weight effects, etc have also been reported to cause structural damage and failure. Many research activities are devoted to the modeling and analysis of shock and impact effects on structures. Penetration and perforation analysis, material failure in high strain rate loading, test method developments in shock and impact conditions have also attracted increasing research interests in recent years.

The International Journal of Protective Structures will publish high quality research papers related to civil infrastructure protection against natural or man-made shock and impact loads, including but not limited to blast loads from terrorist actions or accidental gas explosions, vehicle impact on road and bridge infrastructure, ship impact on bridge structures, impact between adjacent structures during earthquake shakings, and drop weight effects. It welcomes original papers related to the themes of the journal. Civil infrastructure may include, but is not limited to, buildings, bridges, pipelines, offshore platforms, shipping, defence facilities and other onshore, offshore, above-ground or underground structures. The journal will be an effective medium for the timely dissemination of research findings that will not only benefit the professional communities, but also society as a whole for effective infrastructure protection. It will serve as a bridge to link active researchers, academics, engineers and policy makers around the world.

The editor will consider:
Full-length papers; Short technical notes; Discussion and review papers; Book reviews
All manuscripts must be unpublished work with a significant original contribution related to the theme of the journal. All the manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. Contributions should be sent directly to the editor – – or to one of the editorial board members listed


Publication ethics for the International Journal of Protective Structures

Publication and authorship

In the covering letter to the editor accompanying their submission authors should indicate the source of financial support for the research. They should attest that the work is wholly theirs, free from plagiarism and fraudulent data, and that it has only been submitted to IJPS, and that, if accepted, it will not be re-published elsewhere.


Author responsibilities

Authors are obliged to participate in the review process, acknowledging/incorporating reviewer recommendations. Post-publication, should errors be exposed, authors will be obliged to provide retractions/corrections.


Peer review/reviewer responsibilities

Reviewer judgement will be objective, reviewers will only be selected who do not have conflicts of interest with respect to the research, the authors, or their funders. Reviewers will maintain confidentiality at all times.


Editorial responsibilities

The editor has complete responsibility for accepting/rejecting articles. He will not put himself in a potential conflict of interest as regards accepting/rejecting any particular paper. Papers will not be accepted if, were post-production errors to be found, he thinks it likely publication of correction or retraction would not be easily and willingly done. He will ensure reviewer anonymity is preserved.


The International Journal of Protective Structures - its editor, editorial board and publisher – endorses and supports the COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics – Code of Conduct, see




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Hong Hao
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Curtin University, GPO Box U1987, Perth WA6845, Australia

Professor Hao’s research interests are primarily in structural dynamics and its applications in solving various engineering problems. His publishing credits include more than 400 technical publications, including about 20 keynote conference papers, and 160 journal papers.

His current research includes: Building structure response and damage analysis to explosive loads; Probabilistic bridge condition monitoring, damage identification and load-carrying capacity prediction; Numerical modelling and field measurement of traffic-induced ground vibrations and their effect on structures; Pounding response analysis of bridges with soil-structure interaction to spatially varying ground motions; Seismic ground motion prediction and risk analysis of infrastructures.


Editorial Board

Norbert Gebbeken
University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Yong Lu
University of Edingburgh

James Davidson
Auburn University

Guowei Ma
The University of Western Australia

Hani Salim
University of Missouri

Daniel Ambrosini
National University of Cuyo

Masuhiro Beppu
National Defense Academy

Xiaowei Chen
China Academy of Engineering Physics

Nawawi Chouw
University of Auckland

John E. Crawford
Karagozian and Case

Avraham Dancygier

Xiuli Du
Beijing University of Technology

Qin Fang
PLA University of Science and Technology

Nobutaka Ishikawa
National Defense Academy

Leopold Kruszka
Military University of Technology

Qingmin Li
The University of Manchester

Zhong-Xian Li
Tianjin University

Guoxing Lu
Swinburne University of Technology

Bibiana Luccioni
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán

Priyan Mendis
The University of Melbourne

Petr Procházka
Czech Technical University

Ser Tong
Quek National University of Singapore

A. G. Razaqpur
McMaster University

Yoshimi Sonoda
Kyushu University

Mark Stewart
The University of Newcastle

Chengqing Wu
The University of Adelaide

David Yankelevsky

Andrew Whittaker
University of New York at Buffalo

Jeffrey Packer
University of Toronto

Andrew Tyas
University of Sheffield

Werner Riedel

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