International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Mark Reeder
published quarterly • ISSN 1756-8293 • 2015 journal prices/format options
2015 is volume 7


The demand for small unmanned air vehicles, commonly termed micro air vehicles, is rapidly increasing. Driven by applications ranging from civil search-and-rescue missions to military surveillance missions, there is a rising level of interest and investment in better vehicle designs, and miniaturized components are enabling many rapid advances.

The need to better understand fundamental aspects of flight for small vehicles has spawned a surge in high quality research in the area of micro air vehicle, or MAV research. These aircraft have a set of constraints which are, in many ways, considerably different from that of traditional aircraft and are often best addressed by a multidisciplinary approach.

Fast-response non-linear controls, nano-structures, integrated propulsion and lift mechanisms, highly flexible structures, and low Reynolds aerodynamics are just a few of the important considerations which may be combined in the execution of MAV research.

The role of the International Journal of Micro Air Vehicle Research is to provide the scientific and engineering community with a resource dedicated to publishing high-quality technical articles summarizing both fundamental and applied research in this field.


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Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Mark Reeder
Air Force Institute of Technology
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7765
Tel: (937) 255-3636, x4530


Editorial Board:

Assoc. Prof. Roberto Albertani, Oregan State University, USA

Prof. Inderjit Chopra, University of Maryland, USA

Dr. Haibo Dong, University of Virginia, USA

Dr. Tomonari Furukawa, Virginia Tech, USA

Dr. Peter Ifju, University of Florida

Dr. Jean-Marc Moschetta, Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, Toulouse, France

Dr. Bob Mulder, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Dr. M.R. Nayak, National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), CSIR Bangalore, India

Dr. Michael OL, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Dr. Gregory H. Parker, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Dr. Stephen Prior, University of Southampton, UK

Dr. Sergey Shkaraev, University of Arizona

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