International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era

Special Issue on

3D Printing/3D-Reproduction in Cultural Heritage

The International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era ( is already in its second year and has been accepted by the Cultural heritage community with great enthusiasm. A Special Issue of the journal is planned on the hot topic of 3D Printing/3D-Reproduction in Cultural Heritage. Technological advances lead to new and alternative instrumentation and processing software for the printing of accurate, complete and rich raw 3D data (including the object materials) which eventually leads to the full 3D documentation of tangible Cultural heritage. Several overarching themes are planned including: Computer Aided Reconstruction and Design (CAD), Finite Element Simulation (FEM), Computer Aided Production (CAP) and replication of CH objects, 3D printing and Museum applications, 3D printing in CH and education/training/restoration, etc.

This special issue will focus on new and innovative solutions as well as on research projects in this particular area, which constitute real breakthroughs in this important scientific and interdisciplinary area. The deadline for the paper submission will be the 31st of December 2014, and a double blind review system will be applied. Authors will be notified of the review results and asked to provide the camera-ready manuscripts by the mid of February 2015. The issue will be published latest in March 2015.

Marinos Ioannides, Digital Heritage Research Lab, CUT, Cyprus University of Technology

Prof. Andreas Gebhardt, FH Aachen University of Applied Science, Germany

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Submission deadline: 31. December 2014


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