The Green Myth

Economic Growth and the Quality of the Environment

by Marian Radetzki
published 2001 • ISBN 0 906522 17 X • pp. vi + 84 • £13.50


Does economic activity necessarily harm the environment? "No" is Professor Radetzki's uncompromising answer - in fact, quite the opposite!


This book challenges the common belief that economic growth constitutes an insurmountable threat to the environment. A wide array of empirical observations are presented to show that environmental quality tends to improve as economic activity is expanded. The author explores the reasons for this counter-intuitive finding, and concludes that:

"For all who worry about the human effect on the environment, Radetzki's book is a must read. He provides a reasoned and bracing antidote to ecological despair"

DENNY ELLERMAN - Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


"In a series of well-argued examples, Radetzki shows what many businesses know but what their critics find so hard to accept: Poverty is far more damaging to health and the environment than wealth."

DAVID HUMPHREYS - Chief Economist, Rio Tinto, London


MARIAN RADETZKI, Professor of Economics at Lulea University of Technology, and Senior Researcher at SNS, a Swedish think tank, has long specialized in the economics of raw materials and energy.


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