Geodesic Domes: Their geometry and how to use it

by Amila Y'Mech
Publication date: October 2011• ISBN 978-1-907132-34-6 • 204pp • £18.99


This book focusses on the art of generating dome geometry, from which domes of all shapes and sizes can be constructed. The book takes the art of dome building far beyond the conventional icosahedral hemisphere: it will show you how to generate elliptical, conical, parabolic and many other forms of dome; domes shaped to fit any footprint; domes based on any of the platonic and archimedean solids; as well as prisms and antiprisms, flat based domes at any truncation, multiple layer domes — and more....

Geodesic Domes offers a vista for the dome designer which is almost infinite - the more experienced will find that this book will expand their range of competence way beyond what is presently available in other books on geodesic dome design. But the book is also accessible to the layman, no specialist knowledge nor mathematical skills are needed to benefit from it.
From architects to enthusiasts, this book is for anyone interested in generating space frame configurations using Formian Software, which accompanies the book on a CD. “Formian has been created so that people can get on and create beautiful structures without having to do all the longhand, time consuming mathematical working out.”


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