how do I use the Multi-Science web-site?


how do I get more information?

If you require further information on a subject/book/etc., all you have to do is click onto the relevant highlighted link.


click below to view summaries on

Multi-Science journals

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how do I order a title?

The journals can be ordered by clicking onto the journal subscriptions link. Then fill in the form and click the submit button.

The books have separate order forms which can be reached by clicking onto the relevant link ie., Climate Policy after Kyoto and then clicking onto the 'order it' link on that page.


can I see a copy of the journal before I order?

Yes. Just click onto the sample copies link. Then fill in the form and click the submit button. We will happily send you a copy. Or, go to the journal information page you are interested in (eg. Building Acoustics), click the link to and then follow the instructions. Most of our journals are now available on-line, and you can see a free sample copy immediately on-line (copy marked 'F' or 'S').


if you have any other queries...

send us a e-mail and we get back to you as soon as possible.


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