Edited by: Marinos Ioannides, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Eleanor Fink, Roko Zarnic, Alex-Yianing Yen and Ewald Quak

ISBN: 978 1 907132 47 6 · 556 pp · 190 x 240mm · £75 · Publication date: November 2014



3D/4D Documentation in Cultural Heritage
Animating Past Places in Time: Applying Close Range Photogrammetry to 4D Stratigraphic Excavation Data
Chance M. Coughenour, Stanley L. Walling and Dieter Fritsch

Cost Evaluation of 3D Digitisation Techniques
Aurore Mathys, Jonathan Brecko and Patrick Semal

Investigating the effect of HDR images for the 3D documentation of Cultural Heritage
G. Kontogianni and A. Georgopoulos

Ceramics Fragments Digitization by Photogrammetry, Reconstructions and Applications
J-B. Barreau, T. Nicolas, G. Bruniaux, E. Petit, Q. Petit, Y. Bernard, R. Gaugne and V. Gouranton

3D Reconstruction of Archaeological Walls Using Kinect
M. Quintana, F. Zvietcovich and B. Castaneda

3D documentation of Fabrica Hills caverns using TERRESTRIAL and low cost UAV equiptment
K. Themistocleous, A. Agapiou, B. Cuca and D.G. Hadjimitsis

WCH 3D Information acquisition and management in Graz
G. Ablasser and X. Xu

Documentation of Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Louroujina Village
Sevinc Kurt and Yasemin Mesda

Terrestrial laser scanning registration analysis and its effects on a masterpiece dome
Serena Artese, Chiara Altomare, José Luis Lerma and Raffaele Zinno

A dilemma of digital documentation for cultural heritage
- The possibility of one 3D scanning system to various types of artefacts
Chisako Miyamae

3-D Modelling of Maria Lionza
Manuel Jauregui, Luis Jauregui, Leira Chacón and José Vílchez

3D Data in the archaeological site of Al Bass (Tyre - LEBANON)
L. Baratin, S. Bertozzi and E. Moretti

A GIS to study and protect Albanian Cultural Heritage: the Experience of Epidamne-Dyrrachium
Eduard Shehl, Catherine Abadie-Reynal and Ibrahim Charaf

Territory’s identity representation by strategic scenarios fabulation in ArcGIS: Experiment in Santa Leopoldina, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Bruno Amaral de Andrade and Renata Hermanny de Almeida

GIS tools for study and enhancement of the historical and cultural landscape of Lazio Region
Raul Enzo Fedeli, Stefano Magaudda and Anna Laura Palazzo

Best Practice in Cultural Heritage
Improving Museum Interactivity: A User Study Exploring Handheld Virtual Reality Controllers
for Cultural Heritage
Melissa Wedeen, James M. Darling, Caitlin Cagampan, Shelby Cohantz, Nancy Lam, Justin Li, April Phuong and Falko Kuester

The Research on the Integration of World Heritage and Local Education
Kuo-Hua Weng, Ya-Ning Yen and Yun-Wu Wu

Municipality of farsala Greece homeric achilles’ homeland A three year struggle for the preservation of a 9000 year history
Aris Karachalios and Vasso K. Noula

Practical Assessment of 3D Reconstruction Methodologies
I. Markou and A. Georgopoulos

The Morro da Queimada Archaeological Park, Ouro Preto, Mg – Brazil
B. T. de Oliveira

Digital Library in Cultural Heritage
A New Cultural Website and Information Repository for Byzantium "”
Flora Karagianni and Chryssoula Bekiari

Towards Polish Cultural Heritage Online: E-Museums Project
M. Laine-Zamojska, K. Zielonka, A. Kusmidrowicz-Król and A. de Rosset

Low-cost Cataloguing Methodologies for Architecture: the System of Gates in Bologna
Cristiana Bartolomei, Alfonso Ippolito, with the contribution of Martina Attenni
Apsida, Developing a Digital Cultural Heritage Repository
Alexia Dini Kounoudes, Petros Artemi and Marios Zervas

Intangible Cultural Heritage Documentation
Using wiki software to enhance community empowerment by building digital archives for intangible cultural heritage
Danilo Giglitto

Nature-staged Performance: The Revitalization of the Intangible Culture Heritage in Tourism – Experience from China
Tongqian Zou, Xiaomei Wang, Linlin Huang, Rui Cai and Yulan Hao

Knowledge, Restoration and Preservation of Complex Cultural Landscapes between Tangible and Intangible Values. An in-progress Research in Sorrentine- Amalfi Peninsula
Valentina Russo, Giovanna Ceniccola, Stefania Pollone and Lia Romano

Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Education: Ingrained Local Wisdom (ILW) System, Training
and Heritage Center
Dr. Thada Sutthitham and Dr. Sitthichai Smanchat

Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies in Cultural Heritage
Chronos – A Cultural Heritage Visualization OntoLgical System Model
E. S. Carvalho and M. S. Chaves

Co-reference Resolution via Annotation
A. Axaridou, M. Theodoridou and M. Doerr

On Ontology-Based Mediation for Cultural Heritage Data
Béatrice Bouchou Markhoff and Cheikh Niang

Cultural Heritage Object Metadata Enrichment in an Integrated Aggregation Environment
Dimitris Gavrilis, Harris Michail, Marinos Ioannides, Christos Papatheodorou and Costis Dallas

Multimedia in Cultural Heritage Documentation
The Role of Photography in 3D Multimedia Systems
Andrea de Polo and Janko Calic

Different Viewpoints. Two Ways of Presenting
Fine Art Collections Online
Júlia Katona

Touchbim: A Touch Screen Kiosk for Education of Korean Traditional Wooden Building
Jongwook Lee, Kyung-Kyu Kang, Jae Woo Kim, JiHyung Lee and Boncheol Goo
A multimedia system for the management of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Maria Teresa Artese and Isabella Gagliardi

Mantapas of Vitthala temple at Hampi: Virtual reality for an Immersive multimedia
Meera Natampally

Exploring the “Cultural Heritage Landscape”.
Ordinary sites and the new media technologies
Marco Trisciuoglio and Yu Wenwei

Policy and Safety in Cultural Heritage
The JPI and the Research Clusters on Cultural Heritage
A.Serrano and O. Vicente

Mobile Device for Monitoring of Artefacts During Transportation
J. Valach, B. Wolf, K. Julis, P. Stefcová and M. Pech

Preservation and Conservation in Cultural Heritage
The Importance of Air Quality and Precipitation Monitoring and Reporting for the Cultural Heritage Protection
C. Kosanovic and D. Krstic

Methodology of Protection and Rescue of Cultural Heritage against Flood
Klara Nevedova and Robert Pergl

Preserving Ziller – Loverdos Mansion in Athens, Greece
An Architectural and Decoration Conservation Project
A. Alverti architect, A. Koumna archaeologist and I. Chaskaris conservator

The Digitalized Protection and Inheritance of the Woodblock Printing Called “Jinling Sutra Printing”
Huaidong GE and Shuyang DENG

Architectural and landscape Liberty heritage in Varese area: design for knowledge, conservation and enhancement
Anna Anzani, Angela Baila, Claudia Caramel and Margherita Guarisco

Optical Remote Sensing, Image Analysis and Measurement Applied to the Archaeological Materials from Pyrgos, Cyprus
A. Lentini

Communicating Champa architecture as landmark for cultural itineraries in Vietnam
F. Pugnaloni, E.S. Malinverni, C. Carlorosi and A.N. Tassetti

Design of tailored strategies for preservation and re-use of information about heritage
Álvaro Rodríguez Miranda, José Manuel Valle Melón
and María Cruz Porcal-Gonzalo

Design plan for surveying and monitoring coastal and underwater archaeological sites: A branch of the SASMAP project
Zyad Al-Hamdani, Maria Geraga, David Gregory, Jens Wunderlich, George Papatheodorou, Jørn Bo Jensen, George Pantopoulos, Margarita Iatrou, Dimitris Christodoulou, Elias Fakiris, Despoina Zoura, Kalliopi Baika, Christos Liapakis and Vaios Balis

Effects of the Marine Environment on the Preservation of Organic Archaeological Materials and in Situ Stabilisation of Sites. Status for Tools and Techniques Developed in the Sasmap Project
D. Gregory, A.M. Eriksen, R. Pedersen, P. Jensen, M. Nielsen, B. Davidde Petriaggi, M. Manders, T. Coenen, J. Dencker, C. Björdal and b. Smith


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