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Advances in Critical Care Engineering

Editor: Professor M. Chyu, Texas Tech University
Publication date: March 2011 • ISBN 978-1-907132-28-5 • 330pp • £104/$160


This book provides a representation of the new trends of fundamental and applied research on different aspects of engineering involved in critical care. The main focus is on the state of the art, with an indication of the current developments taking place and the problems and challenges that remain to be addressed. The advanced knowledge, emerging technology and innovative ideas presented in this book should benefit healthcare engineering researchers, engineers, managers and consultants in critical care. The seventeen expert-authoured, peer-reviewed chapters of this book and divided into four sections: (i) critical patient care (ii) critical care quality (iii) critical information systems (iv) critical care facilities


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Hemodynamic Instability Prediction Through Continuous Multiparameter Monitoring in ICU
Cao et al.

Instrumented Indentation of Lung Reveals Significant Short Term Alteration in Mechanical Behavior with 100% Oxygen
Silva et al.

A new approach in the design of high-risk infusion technology
Murphy and Wilcox

Design of an Integrated Sensor Platform for Vital Sign Monitoring of Newborn Infants at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Chen et al.

Critical Care Quality
The Use of Scan Statistics and Control Charts in Assessing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Quality Control Programs

Nathanson and Higgins

Inter-Observer Agreement Among Medical Professionals in Critical Care of Neonates and Children
Osnat et al.

The Use of Observation and Interview Methods for Assessing Issues in Patient Care in the Resuscitation Unit of a Level-1 Trauma Center
Sharit et al.

Critical Care Information Systems
Practitioner-Customizable Clinical Information Systems: a Case Study to Ground Further Research and Development Opportunities

Morrison et al.

SIMON: A Decade of Physiological Data Research and Development in Trauma Intensive Care
Norris et al.

A Clinical Database-Driven Approach to Decision Support: Predicting mortality among patients with acute kidney injury
Celi et al.

Supporting Communication and Decision Making in Finnish Intensive Care with Language Technology
Suominen and Salakoski

Data Acquisition and Complex Systems Analysis in Critical Care: Developing the Intensive Care Unit of the Future
Jacono et al.

Applications of Temporal Reasoning to Intensive Care Units
Juarez et al.

Interoperable Medical Instrument Networking and Access System with Security Considerations for Critical Care
Gurkan and Merchant

Critical Care Facilities
Two Case Studies Using Mock-Ups for Planning Adult and Neonatal Intensive Care Facilities

Hignett et al.

Airborne Contamination Control through Directed Airflow in the Exam Room: A Pilot Study Using a Membrane Diffuser
by Pati et al.

Environmental Design for Patient Families in Intensive Care Units