Collected Papers in Building Acoustics:
Sound Transmission

Edited by: Barry Gibbs, John Goodchild, Carl Hopkins and David Oldham
Publication date: August 2009 • ISBN 978-1-907132-10-0 • iv + 452pp • 69


This book contains a collection of papers on the measurement, prediction and control of sound transmission. It is in five sections: sound transmission in buildings; measurement methods, sources of sound and vibration, vibration isolation, lightweight building structures. The range of topics included cannot be exhaustive, because of the book page limit, but the editors believe the papers reflect important interests and concerns of contributors and readers. The relationship between the subjective and objective assessment of noise and of building performance remains an important topic. The requirement for acceptable sound insulation in lightweight buildings is even more urgent, with increasing use of timber-frame and timber composites. More sophisticated methods are required for the specification and design of vibration isolation for control of noise and vibration from external sources (rail, underground) and also internal sources in modern mechanically serviced spaces. There is a requirement for estimates of the uncertainty of measurement and prediction of sound insulation. These topics are addressed with many authors offering practical ways forward.

Although topicality has been considered in the selection, the emphasis has been on quality and importance. Papers were selected because of their rigor, citation history and contribution to the science and practice of building acoustics. This book brings together, for the first time in one set of covers, twenty five papers on the subject, a convenient corpus of knowledge. The book will be of interest to practising civil and construction engineers, as well as to researchers working in the specific area of building acoustics and related disciplines. The editors are members of the Acoustics Research Unit at the University of Liverpool.




Sound transmission in buildings

Acoustic Quality and Sound Insulation Between Dwellings
Jens Holger Rindel

A Study of Vibration Transmission in a Framed Building
J.A. Steel, R.J.M. Craik and R. Wilson

Airborne Sound Level Difference Between Dwellings at Low Frequencies
B.M. Gibbs and S. Maluski

Analysis of Sound Transmission Loss of Double-Leaf Walls in the Low-Frequency Range Using the Finite Element Method
Peter Davidsson, Jonas Brunskog, Per-Anders Wernberg, Göran Sandberg and Per Hammer

Classification of Human Induced Floor Vibrations
Tomi Toratti and Asko Talja

Dynamic and Subjective Analysis of a Lightweight/ Semi-heavyweight Floor in a Laboratory
Fredrik Ljunggren and Anders ågren

Sound Transmission Via the Foundation of a Cavity Wall
R. Wilson and R.J.M. Craik

The Effect of Foundation Details and Soil Types on the Airborne Sound Insulation of Masonry Cavity Walls
C. Hopkins

Measurement methods
Sound Insulation of Acoustic Louvres and Open Screens
Richard Lyons

Survey Test Methods for Acoustic Measurements in Buildings
Michael Vorländer

Application of Total Loss Factor Measurements for the Determination of Sound Insulation
A. Meier and A. Schmitz

An Intercomparison of Laboratory Measurements of Airborne Sound Insulation of Lightweight Plasterboard Walls

Patrizio Fausti, Roberto Pompoli and R. Sean Smith

Inter-Laboratory Test of Sound Insulation Measurements on Heavy Walls: Part I – Preliminary Test
A. Schmitz, A. Meier and G. Raabe

Inter-Laboratory Test of Sound Insulation Measurements on Heavy Walls: Part II – Results of Main Test
A. Meier, A. Schmitz and G. Raabe

Using Round Robin Test Results for the Accreditation of Laboratories in the Field of Building Acoustics in Germany
Wieland Weise and Volker Wittstock

Sources of sound and vibration
The Liquid Drop Impact as a Source of Sound and Vibration
B.A.T. Petersson

Sound Radiation Characteristics of Lightweight Roof Constructions Excited by Rain
Hiromi Suga and Hideki Tachibana

Structure-borne Sound Sources in Buildings
B.M. Gibbs

Vibration isolation
On the Performance of Base-Isolated Buildings
J.P. Talbot and H.E.M. Hunt

Transmission of Structure-borne Sound in Buildings above Railway Tunnels
O. A. B. Hassan

Isolation of Buildings from Rail-Tunnel Vibration: A Review
J.P. Talbot and H.E.M. Hunt

Lightweight building structures
Vibration Response of Lightweight Wood Frame Building Elements
T.R.T. Nightingale and Ivan Bosmans

Vibration Isolation on Lightweight Floor Structures
P Hammer and J Brunskog

Prediction Method Adapted to Wood Frame Lightweight Constructions
Catherine Guigou-Carter, Michel Villot and Roland Wetta

Measurement Methods Adapted to Wood Frame Lightweight Constructions
Michel Villot and Catherine Guigou-Carter


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