Collected Papers in Building Acoustics: Room Acoustics and Environmental Noise

Edited by: Barry Gibbs, John Goodchild, Carl Hopkins and David Oldham
Publication date: May 2010 • ISBN 978-1-907132-14-8 • vi + 419pp • 69


This book contains a collection of papers on room acoustics and environmental noise. Room acoustics is split into four sections: auditorium acoustics, acoustics of religious buildings, acoustics in schools, and absorption, diffusion and reverberation time; five papers on the technically related topic of environmental noise complete the book. The range of issues covered by the book cannot be exhaustive, but the editors believe that current concerns of researchers and practitioners are well addressed. The book includes papers by distinguished figures such as Leo Beranek, R. J. Orlowski, Fergus Fricke and Murray Hodgson, among others.

Although topicality has been considered in selecting these papers for publication in book form, having originally been published in the journal Building Acoustics, the emphasis has been on quality and importance. Papers were selected because of their rigor, citation history and contribution to the science and practice of acoustics. In a convenient form, this book constitutes a significant corpus of knowledge on room acoustics and environmental noise and thus will be of interest to architects and civil engineers, as well as to academic researchers in these fields. The editors are members of the Acoustics Research Group at the University of Liverpool.




Auditorium Acoustics

The Acoustical Design of Concert Halls
Leo L. Beranek

Developments in the Acoustic Design of Concert Halls from the Royal Festival Hall, London, to the Segerstrom Hall, California
RJ. Orlowski

A Preliminary Investigation of the Perceived Smallest Sound Duration Change in a Room
D.-U. Jeong and F.R. Fricke

Acoustical Design and Measurement of a Circular Hall for Improved Spatial Factors at Each Seat
Akio Takatsu, Hiroyuki Sakai, and Yoichi Ando

Concert Hall Acoustic Design: An Alternative Approach
Fergus Fricke

Acoustical Demands for the Conductor’s Location
Jürgen Meyer

Religious Buildings

Relationships between Subjective and Objective Acoustical Measures in Churches
Antonio. P.O. Carvalho, Antonio E.J. Morgado and Luis Henrique

Churches as Auditoria: Analysis of Acoustical Parameters for a Better Understanding of Sound Quality
A.Magrini and P. Ricciardi

Analysis of Contribution of Acoustic Resonators Found in Serbian Orthodox Churches
Miomir Mijic, Dragana Sumarac-Pavlovic

Acoustics in Schools

The Effects of Noise on Children at School: A Review
Bridget M Shield and Julie E Dockrell

Empirical Prediction of Speech Levels and Reverberation in Classrooms
Murray Hodgson

Optimum Reverberation for Speech Intelligibility for Normal and Hearing-Impaired Listeners in Realistic Classrooms Using Auralization
Wonyoung Yang and Murray Hodgson

Speech Intelligibility in Classrooms: Specific Acoustical Needs for Primary School Children
James A. T. Whitlock and George Dodd

Absorption, Diffusion and Reverberation Time

Experimental Approach to the Effect of Diffusers on the Sound Attenuation in Long Enclosures
Jian Kang

Determination of Acoustical Impedance of Absorbing Surfaces by Two-microphone Transfer Function Techniques: Measurement In-situ
D.C. Waddington and R.J. Orlowski

The Prediction of Reverberation Time Using Optimal Neural Networks
Joseph Nannariello and Fergus Fricke

The Acoustic Properties of Expanded Clay Granulates
F. Asdrubali and K. V. Horoshenkov

Coupled Volumes: Aperture Size and the Double-Sloped Decay of Concert Halls
M. Ermann

Environmental Noise
The Mathematical Modelling of the Performance of Noise Barriers
D. C. Hothersall
Standard Calculation of Outdoor Noise Propagation – Errors Due to Propagation Effect
Y.W. Lam
Jagged Edge Noise Barriers
Penelope Menounou and Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac
Computer Modelling of Urban Noise Propagation
M.R.Ismail and D.J.Oldham
The prediction of noise transmission through single and double skin profiled metal cladding systems
Y.W. Lam, R.M. Windle


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