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Aeroacoustics is a growing area and has received fresh emphasis due to advances in air, ground and space transportation. Significant advances in aeroacoustics are required for reducing community and cabin noise from subsonic aircraft and to prepare for the possible large scale entry of supersonic aircraft into civil aviation. The use of high thrust producing engines on military aircraft has raised numerous concerns about exposure of aircraft carrier personnel and sonic fatigue failure of aircraft structures. In the ground transportation arena efforts are currently under way to minimize the aerodynamic noise from automobiles and high speed trains. Finally, space launch vehicle noise if uncontrolled can cause serious structural damage to the spacecraft and payload. In addition, with the proliferation of space flight, launch vehicle noise can also become a significant environmental issue. It has become increasingly important to address all of the above noise issues in order to minimize the noise impact of advances in transportation. New research needs to be conducted and effectively communicated, in order to meet higher levels of noise certification and to pre-empt further regulatory burdens.

The topic is, of course, not new. But it has been the case that published aeroacoustics research has been scattered among numerous journals and conference proceedings, not all of them readily accessible. It is in order to draw this work together in one publication, and to reflect the growing importance of the subject, that the International Journal of Aeroacoustics has been established.

The International Journal of Aeroacoustics will publish developments in all areas of fundamental and applied aeroacoustics. Fundamental topics include advances in understanding aeroacoustics phenomena; applied topics include all aspects of civil and military aircraft, automobile and high speed train aeroacoustics, and the impact of acoustics on structures. As well as original contributions, state of the art reviews and surveys will be published.

Subtopics include, among others, jet mixing noise; screech tones; broadband shock associated noise and methods for suppression; the near-ground acoustic environment of Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) aircraft; weapons bay aeroacoustics, cavity acoustics, closed-loop feedback control of aeroacoustic phenomena; computational aeroacoustics including high fidelity numerical simulations, and analytical acoustics.

The Editor, Ganesh Raman, is ably supported in his work by a distinguished editorial board. These leading figures assist him in the thorough peer-review process, which ensures that only the highest quality work is published in the International journal of Aeroacoustics.


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