Advances in Aeroacoustics
in honor of Professor Geoffrey M. Lilley

editor: Dr. Philip J. Morris, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Publication date: June 2010 • 978-1-907132-18-6 • viii + 332pp • £75/$140


This volume consists of papers originally presented at a Symposium in November 2009 at the University of Southampton, in honour of the life and work of Professor Geoffrey Lilley. Selected for this volume are the papers specific to aeroacoustics, covering aerodynamic noise theory, airframe noise, flow control, and experimental jet noise studies.

The importance of aeroacoustics for the aerospace industry cannot be underestimated. In terms of traveller comfort, environmental perception, industry expansion, it is vital. This volume, containing expert contributions by distinguished authors, will be of the utmost value for all institutions and organisations with aerospace research interests


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Introduction: Philip J. Morris

Geoffrey M. Lilley: A very brief biography
P. J. Morris, Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA

A tribute to Professor Geoffrey Michael Lilley on his ninetieth birthday R. Westley

Relation between the generalized acoustic analogy and Lilley's contributions t aeroacoustics
M. E. Goldstein: NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, USA

Solving the Lilley equation with quadrupole and
dipole jet noise sources
B. J. Tester and C. L. Morfey, University of Southampton, UK

Modelling of sound generation by turbulent reacting flows
C. Bailly, C. Bogey and S. Candel, Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Hot jets and sources of jet noise
A. Khavaran, D. C. Kenzakowski and A. F. Mielke-Fagan, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, USA

Wave packet models for large-Scale mixing noise
R. Reba, S. Narayanan and T. Colonius, United Technologies Research Center, E. Hartford, CT

Jet noise measurements: Past and present
M. Harper-Bourne

Distributions of noise sources in heated and cold jets: Are they different?
K. Viswanathan, Boeing, Seattle, WA, USA

On the scaling of small, heat simulated jet noise measurements to moderate and full size exhaust jets
D. K. McLaughlin, J. E. Bridges and C.-W. Kuo, Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA

Effects of geometric details on slat noise generation and propagation

M. R. Khorrami and D. P. Lockard, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, USA
Plasma actuators for noise control

X. Huang and X. Zhang, Peking University, Beijing, China