Fifty Years of Progress for Shell and Spatial Structures

Editors: Ihsan Mungan and John F. Abel
Publication date: September 2011 • 978-1-907132-35-3 • viii + 492pp • £66/$106

This book has been inspired by the 50th Anniversary Jubilee of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures in 2009, and the publication in 2011 has been timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the death of the illustrious founding President of the Association, Eduardo Torroja y Miret (1899-1961).

The objective of this IASS 50th Anniversary Jubilee Book is to document the developments in the fields of shell and spatial structures during the five decades since the Association was founded. In this way, contributions to the fields of shell and spatial structures through the efforts of structural engineers, architects, builders and academics – in many cases, brought together in the IASS – are scanned to give inspiration for further progress and to help show the way to the future.

The first third of the book opens with the context of the founding of the Association in the 1950s and then presents a decade-by-decade account of developments as viewed through the lens of the IASS. The remaining two-thirds is an alternative view of the post-WW II era in the field by examining progress by various structural types and topics.

This book will be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of all those designers, builders, researchers, teachers and students who wish to expand their understanding of past accomplishments and future trends related to shell and spatial structures.

Twenty-nine distinguished authors have provided contributions totalling 500 pages with 734 illustrations and photos, 590 of them in colour. The book also contains illustrated biographic sketches of 89 pioneers and actors who have been or are currently involved in the various fields of shell and spatial structures.



Part I. Progress Through the Lens of the IASS
• The Founding of the IASS: Eduardo Torroja and the Context Until 1959 (D. Billington)
• The Decade 1960-1969: The First Ten Years of the IASS (D. Billington/E. Segal)
• The Decade 1970-1979: From "Shell" to "Shell and Spatial" Structures (E. Ramm)
• The Decade 1980-1989: The IASS Broadens Activities in Asia (M. Kawaguchi)
• The Decade 1990-1999: Emerging Technologies Meet the New Millennium (N. Srivastava)
• The Decade 2000-2009: The Start of a New Century (R. Motro)

Part II. Progress by Structural Types and Topics (338 pages)
• Shells: Concrete Shell Roofs, Shell Structures for Power Technology, Tanks and Silos
• Tension Structures: Tensile Membrane Structures, Cable Structures, Tensegrity Structures, Hybrid String Structures
• Framed and Lattice Structures: Metal Spatial Structures, Timber Spatial Structures
• Temporary and Moveable Spatial Structures: Temporary Spatial Structures, Retractable Roofs, Deployable Structures
• Special Spatial Structures: Glass Structures, Footbridges, Masts and Towers
• Topics in Spatial Structures: Structural Morphology, Form-Finding and Morphogenesis, Toward Environmental Compatibility

Part III. Looking to the Future
• The Future of Spatial Structures
• Index of biosketches

Contributing Authors: John F. Abel, David P. Billington, Kai-Uwe Bletzinger, Annette Bögle, John Chilton, Charis J. Gantes, Phillip L. Gould, Reinhard Harte, Kazuo Ishii, Shiro Kato, Mamoru Kawaguchi, Ken’ichi Kawaguchi, Wilfried B. Krätzig, René Motro, Ihsan Mungan, Tatsuo Murota, Ekkehard Ramm, J. Michael Rotter, Masao Saitoh, Jörg Schlaich, Mike Schlaich, Hans Schober, Edwin M. Segal, Ronald E. Shaeffer, Brian Smith, Narendra K. Srivastava, Ulrik Stottrup-Andersen, Ludevit Végh, Petr Végh.

Editors: Ihsan Mungan and John F. Abel

Associate Editors: Rafael Astudillo and Marta Sánchez

Contributing Photographer: Yoshito Isono


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